NorthCoast Boats

NorthCoast Boats is a division of C&C Marine and C&C Fiberglass, Inc. C&C Marine is a premier boat builder producing high quality fishing and recreational boats. During the nineties they were the builder behind the scenes for Dick Lema, (noted designer and previous Lema brand Owner). In 2000 the opportunity presented itself to purchase the NorthCoast Boats brand name and hull molds. Joe’s love for the stout lines and excellent performance of NorthCoast Boats was all it took for him to want to steward the brand forward. We honor our commitment to build quality fishing boats. We use them and we fish them so that we are confident that our valued customers cannot own a better built boat. 

Note: Hunt Yachts, J-Boats, and others, continue to rely upon C&C Marine for molded hulls and decks of their select high end models for exceptional quality every time.